Dog Walking Sydney

We get it, every dog owner is different. Some prefer to have routine walks through a set trail while others take them along when they go for a run. Whilst this is a great way to ensure that the dog gets their exercise, ever busier schedules mean owners have increasingly limited time to spend ensuring their dogs get to really enjoy those morning walks.

If you aren’t able to walk your dog as often as you should, you could consider hiring a professional dog walker to help you and your furry friend. As professional Sydney dog walkers, we are more than just walkers, we go the extra mile to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of exercise, love and attention they need.

Gain More Time in Your Busy Schedule

For Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs busy professionals who walk their dogs regularly, there are always some days when there just aren’t enough hours in the day! This doesn’t mean that your dog should miss out on their exercise.

With our dog walking Sydney services, your dog can enjoy a walk on these overloaded days.

Our professional service also provides the option for regular walks daily, weekly, or whatever suits your needs. Our flexibility means we have professionals ready to help you keep your dog fit and playful as required.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

More than Just Walking Your Dog

One of the best things about hiring a professional is that for us, this is more than just doing a job because we are paid. We do this because we love it!

Passionate about dogs, our dog walkers will create a bond with your furry friend to make sure they are comfortable. We know that all dogs are different, with different needs which should be handled individually. Our professionals take the time to get to know your pet and learn what they need the most.

We know that your dog will get great benefits from regular exercise and we tailor our services to  ensure that they get the most reward from their time with us.

Why Professional Dog Walkers?

You may be asking yourself why a professional dog walker is ideal for your canine friend. Here are our top two reasons you should consider engaging professional assistance:

  1. We have experience to deal with different breeds and they understand the specific needs of each dog, ensuring the exercise is tailored for your best friend.
  2. Regular schedules help owners to instill good behaviour in their dog, and a professional dog walker can assist with this routine while improving their happiness. Providing your dog with exercise in a safe and happy environment plays a great role in their overall health.

With our dog walking services throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, age is no barrier to your dog’s fitness. We provide appropriate walking services for dogs of all ages and give them an environment where they can socialize with other dogs whilst staying active.

Ready for a Professional Sydney Dog Walker?

Busy schedules and competing priorities of dog owners has seen an increase in the popularity of dog walking professionals. Depending on your needs, we also provide other professional services for your dog such as our local dog sitting service.