Group Dog Walks

Why Your Dog Should Engage in Group Dog Walks

All dogs, no matter their age, require regular walks. Some owners take their dogs on regular walks while others choose to hire professionals to take them if they don’t have the time.

While most dogs are familiar with individual walks, they can also benefit from socialisation if they participate in group dog walks every once in a while.

Group dog walks generally include up to four dogs for a walk which may last a few hours.  These longer walks are particularly handy if you will be away from home for a few hours and you don’t want your dog to be bored.

Doggy Socialisation

Also known as pack walks, this service is suitable for owners who want their dog to socialise and keep fit at the same time. These high energy social outings ensure your dog burns as many calories as possible for improved health.

To ensure a successful group, dogs may be grouped according to their temperament, size and fitness levels.

We all love making new friends and dogs are no exception. Group dog walks help your canine friend to make new friends. From these regular walks, your dog will develop healthy social skills and improved behaviour.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Improve Behaviour

Our group dog walks can also help to improve dog behaviours. The professionals conducting our group dog walks are trained to understand different breeds and hyperactive dogs, ensuring they are well behaved no matter the environment. Some dogs may initially be reactive or nervous with other dogs but a group dog walk will help them to build their confidence.

Having a well behaved dog in your home is important to ensure any visitors are not disturbed or threatened by your pet. Our walks offer your dog a high energy experience, which gives them a productive way to spend their energy, making them calmer in the home.

Active Mind & Body

Mental stimulation is another benefit of group dog walks. Walking with other dogs gives them a chance to explore new sounds, sights, terrains and smells, all whilst making new friends.

Our group walks take place in parks throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney where there is fresh air and freedom. Allowing your dog these sensory rich environments at a pocket-friendly cost is one of the best gifts you can offer them.

Your Dog Wants a Group Dog Walk

Group dog walks will benefit all types of dogs, especially those highly social and hyperactive breeds.  It is also a great way for dogs to explore new surroundings. Even without one-on-one attention from the dog walker, your dog will get a better chance to interact with his own kind, make new friends and stay happy.