Dog Walks to Improve Obedience

A dog is a man’s best friend, so they say, and many of us would agree that this is true. Pets of all types are common across the globe because of the many advantages to owning one.

There are, however, setbacks to having pets. Perhaps the biggest for canine owners is having a disobedient and hyperactive dog.

Dog obedience training is very important to you as an owner and to your broader community. When it comes to training your dog, the beauty of using Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs is that you do not have to use complex training techniques or enrol them in tedious sessions.

Our Professional Dog Walkers Promote Obedience in Your Dog

Many dogs have unwelcome behaviours like destructive digging, chewing and scratching.

To help train your furry friend, you do not have to pay for expensive obedience techniques as many of your dog’s frustrations can be resolved whilst walking. Our highly skilled dog walkers train them to engage in constructive things to do with all their energy.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Commands Your Dog Learns in Our Obedience Training

As our dog walkers go about their job, there are basic commands given repetitively which gradually become familiar to your pet. These commands include stop, sit down, wait, drop it, stay and leave it, amongst others.

It Saves Lives

With regular walking, your dog will understand any command directed to them better. In a critical moment, such as when a car is approaching and your dog hasn’t noticed, a command could save their life. During our professional dog walks, your four-legged friend is trained to understand the command wait or stop which would help in a situation like this.

Your Dog Learns to be Calmer

Obedience training will teach your pup to exert their energy in a productive way to help them be calmer. This means your dog can be anywhere in public, they can play with other dogs comfortably and even greet people in a calm way. Calmness is very important trait for an obedient dog, regardless of the situation.

Why we do Obedience Training During Walks

Obedience training is very important to dogs as they not only learn how to behave themselves, but they also learn basic commands. How your dog behaves is determined by how they are trained, and our qualified dog walkers understand this clearly. We will use the time during daily or weekly walks with your pup to give them some extra coaching.

Dogs need specific training to become well-behaved pets, which is hard for owners who aren’t sure where to start or don’t have time to invest in this properly. Dogs look up to humans for guidance and direction and taking advantage of our professionals to do this is a good way to train your dog.

Benefits of an Obedient Dog

There are plenty of benefits of an obedient dog. Besides a chance of saving the dog’s life and having better control of your furry friend, your life becomes easier. Obedience training will help you get the best out of the wonderful relationship between you and your best friend!