Dog Walking Vaucluse

Take the hassle out of regularly walking your dog by leveraging our dog walking services in Vaucluse.

With a profuse number of dog-friendly parks, Vaucluse is a mecca for pooches. There are plenty of places for them to run freely off leash for some exciting and fun adventures. By offering between 2-5 walking sessions per week you can use our dog walkers to provide the primary walking of your pooch or supplement with your own weekly walks.

Remember, the benefit of our Eastern Suburbs dog walking sessions is we take up to 4 canines at a time. This allows your dog to gain some quality socialisation time with other hounds in the area. Forming friendships with other dogs is highly beneficial for your dog both mentally and behaviourally.

Vaucluse is known for its legendary structures commemorating its rich history and culture including the Vaucluse House and the Macquarie Lighthouse. This suburb also houses one of Australia’s most illustrious military sites, the Signal Hill Battery.

These iconic, prestigious edifices give its visitors an opportunity to take a peek into the bygone times, and appreciate Vaucluse’s colourful history and unmatched architecture. Above all, the residents of Vaucluse are lucky to gain gorgeous heart-stopping views of Sydney Harbour.

Wow your pooch with a fun excursion with plenty of beneficial physical activity in the vivacious Vaucluse. Below are a few of the dog friendly areas this suburb has to offer.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Christison Park Vaucluse

Allow your puppy to release lots of energy at the breathtaking Christison Park. Contoured with beautiful nature and set against the idyllic backdrop of the ocean. This parkland is definitely a dog’s playground paradise.

Lighthouse Reserve

The Lighthouse Reserve promises an unforgettable doggy day out to your pooch. The reserve allows dogs to be off-leash at all times, giving them maximum freedom to socialise with fellow pets and explore the ethereal sights and sounds around.

Diamond Bay Reserve

There will never be a shortage for your pets’ walking, running and exploration adventure at the Diamond Bay Reserve. With its 24-hour off leash areas your pooch can wander, run, and mingle with fellow hounds. They will absolutely love the total liberty at this park. The expansive area also evokes a laid-back charm, which offers a stimulating atmosphere for both people and pets.

Kimberley Reserve

Satisfy your furry pals’ yearning to move and socialize at the Kimberley Reserve. Famous for its mellow vibe, the moss-painted grassy fields surrounded by the luxuriant trees at the Kimberley Reserve is an excellent playground for your pets dog-walking sessions.

Clarke Reserve

Clarke Reserve offers a huge ground that is ideal for your pup’s fitness regimen. Let them stroll around on leash at all times. But before you allow your puppy to run off-leash make sure you adhere to the specified park times.

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Regular exercise helps your puppy overcome depression and can improve behaviour. Speak with our team about regular dog walking sessions for your pup in the most dazzling, dog-friendly parks in Vaucluse.