Weekly Dog Walking Service

Regular walking is one of the most important requirements of owning a dog. A weekly walk will provide  a lot of benefits not only to the dog, but also you as the owner and your broader community.

In our modern times, people have increasingly busy lives and often struggle to find time to walk their dogs regularly. Whether you are busy or not, your dog should enjoy that valuable walk to ensure they stay healthy.

With Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs, our professional staff ensure your pet can enjoy weekly dog walking services at a budget-friendly price.

Better Physical and Mental Health

Just like humans, dogs need to be in good health. Weekly walks for your pet are not just for their leisure, but rather they are vitally important in ensuring your dog’s physical and mental health needs are met.

This exercise helps to maintain the right weight, which has been found to lead to a longer life expectancy than a dog who struggles with being overweight. In addition, keeping active and enjoying time in the park will help to keep your dog happy.

Regular walks contribute to the overall health of your four-legged friend.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Meet Your Dog’s Exercise Requirement

All dog needs to be walked but every breed has their own unique requirements for exercise. Many dog owners find it hard to meet the demands of their dog whilst balancing their busy schedules.

Although some owners find the time to throw a stick or a ball to play fetch, dogs quickly tire of these games. Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs can help you to re-energise your weekly exercise routine and help you meet the exercise requirements of your canine friends in a meaningful way.

Reduced Anxiety

When a dog is kept inside for long periods, they tend to exhibit signs of anxiety can be displayed in bad behaviour. Dogs need to be confident that they will soon get some play time outside in nature.

The benefit of using weekly dog walking services is that the routine helps to reassure your dog that they won’t be left inside for too long, reducing anxiety and associated bad behaviours.

Reasons to Use Our Weekly Dog Walking Services

  1. The safety of your dog is paramount during our walks, with one of our professional staff focused completely on the dogs. In addition, in case of an emergency, our dog walkers are fully trained to offer first aid.
  2. Our professionals spend some time to get to know your furry friend before their weekly dog walks. They asses them to understand their needs better and tailor the walk to suit their breed, age, size, weight and disposition. This means you dog will receive the love and attention they need gain the most benefit from their time with us.
  3. The walk is centred around your canine, meaning our goal is to ensure they have fun and enjoy some precious play time with us!

Eastern Suburbs Weekly Dog Walks

With weekly dog walking services, you will see continued positive changes in your dog’s health and happiness. These walks improve their well-being making them calmer and more confident so you can enjoy your pup at their best!