Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs

Reliable Dog Walking Services by Police-Checked Dog Lovers

Providing your pup with regular exercise and socialisation needed to stay happy and healthy.

Servicing Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we are flexible to you and your dog’s needs.

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 Your Dog’s Health & Happiness Is Our Priority

Is your dog getting the required amount of weekly exercise he or she needs? If you haven’t got enough spare time to provide this to them we can help.

Regular exercise is not only needed to keep your dog physically fit, it is also essential for their mental health and well-being. Also depending on your dogs age and breed the amount of energy they need to burn off with regular walks and playtime can vary greatly.

Professional Dog Walking Services by Dog Lovers

Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs are ready provide regular exercise for your your puppy, giving you more time.

Run by a certified dog trainer and dog lover, all our dog walkers are passionate about dogs. We study, live and breath them. This level of experience gives us a deep understanding of the needs of all types of dogs and we thoroughly enjoy spending time, walking and playing with all breeds.

Rest assured, we do more than just walk dogs and give them the exercise they need. We also playfully interact and challenge their minds which helps improve their overall behaviour and happiness.

It gives us great pleasure to make all dogs happy & healthy.

Chocolate Brown Labrador with leash on going for a walk.

Do You Love Your Dog But Are Time Poor?

Unfortunately we all have busy schedules and sometimes it’s hard to prioritise all our daily tasks. If you’re struggling to find the time needed to give your dog the exercise and interaction with other dogs they desperately need, give us a call.

Do your dog a huge favour and provide them with a wonderful walking adventure offered by the Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs. Let your pup enjoy the long term benefits of consistent dog walking. Doing so may help improve their overall health and well-being.

The simple matter of life is that most of us are not home all day and we don’t have the luxury of lots of spare time. Whatever your life is throwing at you – don’t neglect your dogs walk time.

Now is your chance to make your dog’s life even better!

Take the first step in enhancing their well-being by transforming their routine into something fun and invigorating they will look forward to each day!

Why Choose the Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs?


Certified & Fully Insured

Complying with the Companion Animals Act 1998 we only take a maximum of four dogs on each group walk. Where possible we group dogs on size, temperament and activity levels.

We Give Love & Attention

We love dogs of all shapes and sizes. When we walk your dog we are not just doing it as a “job”. Instead we provide the love and attention your dog needs to stimulate it’s mind.

Positive Reinforcement

Whilst in our care we reward good behaviours with more attention or special treats. This can improve your dog’s recall when their name is called, obedience and overall behaviour.