About Us

Beagle being walked on a leash.

Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs

Owned and run by a certified dog trainer. Benefit from this small, fully-insured, customer and dog focused company. Servicing Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs you will find us friendly and flexible to your needs.

As a dog-lover himself, our owner saw the need for a reliable dog walking service in the region. We are tailored for busy professionals who love their dogs but may struggle to find time for their exercise.

Our aim is to offer the best level of care towards all pups during their dog walking sessions. With our positive reinforcement during obedience and recall training we aim to create healthier and happier hounds.

Professional dog-walkers who are trustworthy and well-skilled in handling dogs of different sizes, personalities and fitness levels. We are also competent in assessing each and every pooch, while expressing fondness towards your lovable four legged buddies.

With our vast experience of interacting with so many diverse breeds of dogs, no pup gets left behind! Contact us now.

Provide your pooch with the long term health benefits of regular dog walking all while gaining more time for yourself.

Caring For All Breeds Of Dogs In The East

Regular walking and running is the most anticipated activity by a pet dog. But when their owner gets distracted with other life commitments and can’t meet their exercise needs, issues may arise.

Deprivation of regular exercise for your puppy can lead to sulking, distress and eventually health issues. However the most noticeable issue you may encounter is disruptive or destructive behaviors:

Does you dog dig holes in your backyard, eat your shoes or rip your couches apart?

These are just some of these property damaging behaviours. A dog needs time to run and interact with other animals. Unfortunately if they are not getting this time they may use their excess energy on these destructive activities.

Don’t deprive your loved pet. Instead, let them tire themselves doing what makes them feel joyful and free – Dog walking & running sessions with other dogs.

If you are a time poor dog owner you need to make the decision of who to entrust your cherished puppy to. Someone who can ensure their health needs are fully met.

The Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs are proud of our expertise and broad knowledge in the dog-caring and dog-training industry. As a dog owner you are assured of an outstanding level of service for your dear pooch.

We are fully trained and experienced to handle dogs with diverse behaviors and fitness levels. Our genuine love for dogs and flexibility allows us to accommodate a wide range of requests.

Give Your Dog More

Time Out of the House

Your furry friend can’t be locked in your property every day. They too need to get outside and interact with others.

Obedience Training

We reward good behaviours with positive reinforcement. This improves recall & reduces disruptive behaviour.


Your dog will appreciate you more as you provide them more time to run, play and interact with other dogs.