Best Dog Food Brands in Australia (Comprehensive Guide)

If you’re an Australian dog owner, you already know how important it is to keep your furry friend well-fed and happy. But with so many options out there, how can you be sure you’re giving your dog the best?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what makes for quality dog food, delve into the top brands available in Australia, and address specific dietary needs your pet may have.

A bowl full of dog food with cute dog paws in the side.


The food you choose for your dog can have a long-term impact on their health, behaviour, and overall well-being.

Knowing how to select the right food is crucial, and it’s not always as simple as picking the most expensive option.

Why Quality Dog Food Matters

Quality dog food can result in a shinier coat, healthier skin, clearer eyes, higher energy levels, and more consistent bowel movements.

Investing in good food can also save you money in the long run by reducing veterinary bills related to poor nutrition.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Food

When selecting food for your dog, consider factors such as age, health status, activity levels, and any special dietary requirements.

The ingredient list, nutritional value, and brand reputation are also essential to consider.

Australian Dog Food Regulations

Australia has stringent pet food manufacturing regulations to ensure the safety and nutritional adequacy of pet food. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to make more informed decisions.

Types of Dog Food

Dog food comes in various types, each with its pros and cons. Understanding these can help you pick the most appropriate option for your pet.

Dry Food

Dry food, or kibble, is convenient and typically less expensive than other types. It also has a longer shelf life and can help keep your dog’s teeth clean. However, it often contains less meat and more carbohydrates.

Wet Food

Wet food is generally more palatable to dogs and contains more meat protein and moisture. It’s a good option for dogs who don’t drink enough water, although it can be pricier and have a shorter shelf life.

Fresh, Home-Cooked and Raw Diets

Fresh, home-cooked, and raw diets give you control over what your dog eats, but they require a well-planned, balanced recipe. Plus, home-cooked options can be time-consuming and expensive to prepare.

A bowl of ground red raw meat.

Prescription Diets

Prescription diets cater to specific health issues like kidney disease or allergies. These should only be used under veterinary guidance.

The Importance of Nutritional Value

Regardless of the type of food you choose, it should meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. Here’s what to look for in the ingredient list:

Proteins: Animal vs. Plant-Based

Animal proteins like chicken, fish, or beef should be the first ingredient listed. While plant-based proteins can supplement animal proteins, they shouldn’t replace them.

Fats and Fatty Acids

Fats provide essential fatty acids and are the most concentrated source of energy. Look for named fat sources like chicken fat or fish oil over generic terms like “animal fat.”

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals support various bodily functions. They are usually added as supplements in commercial dog foods but can also come from whole-food sources.

Artificial Additives to Avoid

Steer clear of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives when possible. Natural alternatives like tocopherols can be a healthier choice. Or better yet, choose organic.

Top Australian Dog Food Brands

Selecting a reputable dog food brand is crucial. Here we explore some top brands that are readily available in Australia, providing an overview, as well as the pros and cons for each.

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Advance is an Australian-made brand known for producing high-quality pet food. They offer a variety of formulations catering to different ages, sizes, and health needs.

Pros and Cons

The brand uses premium, locally sourced ingredients and offers specialized options for various health concerns. However, some formulas may contain grains, which might not suit all dogs.

Nutritional Analysis

Most Advance formulas have high levels of protein, primarily from animal sources, and also contain a balanced profile of fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Black Hawk

Another Australian brand, Black Hawk, focuses on natural ingredients and has a strong reputation for quality.

Pros and Cons

Black Hawk offers grain-free options and uses real meat as the first ingredient. The downside is that it’s on the pricier side.

Nutritional Analysis

With a high protein content and a good balance of other essential nutrients, Black Hawk is an excellent choice for maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Different breeds of dog lined up in a path.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a well-known brand globally, and its products are readily available in Australia. It offers specialized formulas based on age, size, and health conditions.

Pros and Cons

Known for its scientific approach, Hill’s Science Diet provides balanced nutrition across various life stages and medical conditions. However, it is on the expensive side and may include some grains and fillers.

Nutritional Analysis

Hill’s Science Diet products generally feature high-quality proteins and a wide range of nutrients, including antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

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SavourLife is an Australian social enterprise brand that donates a part of its profits to pet rescue organizations. It offers grain-free and natural options.

Pros and Cons

SavourLife focuses on natural ingredients, with a socially responsible business model. However, the product range is limited compared to other brands.

Nutritional Analysis

Most of SavourLife’s products are high in animal proteins and grain-free, catering to a variety of dietary needs.

Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat is another Australian brand that focuses on natural, grain-free dog foods. They offer both dry and wet food options.

Pros and Cons

Ivory Coat uses local ingredients whenever possible and offers a variety of flavours and formulations. The grain-free options are beneficial for sensitive stomachs. However, some may find the brand a bit pricey.

Nutritional Analysis

The products from Ivory Coat are generally high in protein, and rich in fruits and vegetables, providing a balanced diet for dogs.

Choosing the Best Brand for Your Dog

With so many brands to choose from, selecting the best one for your pet can be overwhelming.

Consider your dog’s specific needs, consult your vet, and don’t hesitate to switch brands if your initial choice doesn’t work out.

Dog food in a stainless feeding bowl.

Specialized Dog Food Needs

Not all dogs have the same nutritional requirements. Special considerations may be needed for puppies, senior dogs, or those with specific health issues.

Puppy Food vs. Adult Food

Puppy food is specially formulated to support growth and development, with higher protein and calorie content. Adult dog food, on the other hand, is designed to maintain health and is generally lower in calories to prevent obesity.

Senior Dog Food

Senior dog foods are formulated with the needs of older dogs in mind, usually with lower calories and higher fibre content, along with joint-supporting nutrients like glucosamine.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Food allergies in dogs are less common than you might think, but they do occur. Special hypoallergenic diets are available that exclude common allergens like chicken, beef, and grains.

Weight Management

For dogs that are overweight or prone to obesity, specially formulated weight management foods are available. These are generally lower in calories and higher in fibre.

Where to Buy Quality Dog Food in Australia

Knowing where to purchase your dog food is almost as important as knowing what to purchase. Here’s where you can find quality dog food in Australia.

Online Retailers

Online shops can offer a wider variety of brands and formulas. Just make sure to buy from reputable sources to ensure the food is genuine and stored correctly.

Local Pet Stores

Local pet stores provide the advantage of in-person advice and immediate availability. They also often have loyalty programs and regular discounts.

Veterinary Clinics

For prescription diets and specialized nutritional advice, your local veterinary clinic is the best place to go.

How to Transition to a New Dog Food

Switching to a new brand or type of dog food requires careful planning to avoid digestive issues. Here are some best practices for making the switch.

A little brown dog eating on its bowl.

Gradual Transition

It’s best to introduce new food gradually, mixing it with the old food.

A common practice is to start with 25% new food mixed with 75% old food, and then gradually increase the proportion of new food over the course of 7-10 days.

Monitoring for Side Effects

Keep an eye on your dog for any signs of discomfort, diarrhea, or allergies. If any adverse effects occur, consult your vet immediately.


Choosing the right food for your dog is a vital task that impacts their long-term health and well-being.

By keeping in mind the factors discussed in this guide, you can make a more informed decision tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

Key Takeaways

We’ve covered a lot of ground—from understanding the importance of high-quality food, types of dog food, top Australian brands, and even how to transition to a new food.

Your takeaway should be a deeper understanding of what to look for in dog food and where to buy it.

Final Recommendations

Always opt for a reputable brand that aligns with your pet’s specific needs. Consult your vet for personalized advice, especially if your dog has special dietary requirements or health concerns.


We understand you might still have questions, so here are some frequently asked questions about dog food.

Is Grain-Free Food Better?

Grain-free food can be beneficial for dogs with specific allergies, but it isn’t universally better. Some grain-free diets lack certain nutrients, so consult your vet before making a switch.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

The amount to feed your dog varies based on age, weight, activity level, and the type of food you’re using. It’s best to consult your vet for precise feeding guidelines.

Can I Mix Different Types of Food?

Yes, mixing wet and dry food can provide a balanced diet but it’s important to adjust portion sizes and nutritional intake accordingly.

Always consult your vet before making significant changes to your dog’s diet.

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