Dog Walking Rose Bay

A handsome harbour-side. A perfect vantage ground to see the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Regarded as one of Sydney’s finest locations in the East. That’s Rose Bay…

Rose Bay Dog Walking Sessions Available Now

The experienced Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs team are awaiting your call. Let your precious pup get the healthy activity they need while forming relationships with other dogs. All while you’re at work.

Our professional dog walkers give your dog plenty of exercise with time on and off the leash and social interaction with other dogs in Rose Bay. We keep dogs happy and healthy with these highly needed activities.

Apart from its impeccable location to witness the most seductive attractions in Sydney, Rose Bay takes pride in its archetypal landmarks and historic buildings. These create a uniquely sophisticated cultural vibe.

Rose Bay also houses the lavish abodes of some famous Australian celebs and well-known public figures. The popular vestiges such as the Rose Bay Cottage and the Fernleigh Castle are just two of the prominent structures in Rose Bay that reflect its rich history and noteworthy architecture.

But above all this gorgeous Sydney suburb is also home to some exquisite dog-friendly parks.

Want a whimsical playground that could serve as a “bed of roses” for your precious pooch to run, roll and play? Contact us and let your dog enjoy a paradisaical experience at one of Roe Bay’s dog-friendly parks.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Rose Bay Foreshore Beach / Dumaresq Reserve Beach

Let your cherished canine leave their adorable paw prints on the fine, oatmeal-coloured sands of The Dumaresq Reserve Beach. Also referred to as the Rose Bay Foreshore. Your pups will have fun running and roaming around off leash. Relishing a few splashes here and there at this head-turning sandy playground.

The Dumaresq Reserve may be small in size, but it definitely overflows with all the things that make it a dog-walking haven for your furry pal.

Rose Bay Park

In the midst of a relaxing ambiance and encircled by the gorgeous views of Rose Bay you will find this amazing place.

Cozy, intimate and timeless. Rose Bay Park is an ideal place for your furry pet’s fun dog-walking session. However dogs must be on-leash at all times in this petite, yet striking doggie playground.

Lyne Park

Lyne Park bursts with a plethora of recreational activities. With the chance to witness the dramatic views on Sydney this is an excellent spot for your puppies walking and training escapades.

This park allows your dog to be off-leash only between the hours of 3.30pm to 10.30am. At all of other times they must be on-leash.

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