Dog Walking Tamarama

The glamourous suburb of Tamarama is home to beautiful people and scenery alike. Hidden just around the corner from the world famous Bondi Beach, Tamarama is home to a beautifully narrow beach, gully and parklands. A fantastic place to bring up a puppy.

However the small grassy areas of Tamarama limit the amount of space a dog can truly run around and be free. Also dog restrictions in some areas require pups to be on-leash at most times.

To give your dog the amount of space they need to really run around and be free you may need to take them to a larger dog-friendly park nearby. This is where the Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs can help.

Our mobile service collect and return your dog from your Tamarama residence. Your pup will gain regular dog walks, exercise and social interaction with other pooches. All at a large nearby park where they can spend plenty of time off leash running around.

We keep your dog amused, stimulated and entertained with highly effective dog-walking programs. Ensuring your pup is getting the regular exercise and physical activity needed to help maintain a healthy weight and reduce risk of illness.

Allow the Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs dog-loving team to take your furry pet to a world of freedom, exercise and fun at one of the Tamarama’s nearby pooch-friendly parks.

Brown dog holds leash in mouth ready for a walk

Tamarama Park

Perfectly set behind Tamarama Beach, Tamarama Park offers harmonious grassy spaces. The western part offers a huge spot with a shady landscaped gully. The eastern part of this gorgeous park includes a playground, amenities for BBQ-ing and picnics and a local cafe.

The lush trees provide shade to park goers having a picnic, for those who are holding a small event. While this spot may seem like a great area for dog walks always check the signs. Unfortunately dogs are not permitted on Tamarama beach at all.

Marks Park

This dog friendly park requires dogs to be on-leash at most times. The only off-leash hours are from 4:30pm to 8:30am. During this time your furry buddies have the freedom to roll, run and be free on the well-maintained fields. Us humans will take delight in the hypnotic views of Bondi Bay to the north and Coogee to the south. Indeed, Marks Park promises a happy play area for your hound but be aware of the off-leash time restrictions.

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As Tamarama’s small parklands have timed off-leash restrictions we tend to take dogs from this area to other nearby dog friendly parks. This allows your pup to benefit from plenty of room to run and interact with others, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Treat your Tamarama pup to a dreamy dog-walking escape. Contact us now using the details below.